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Item # 258-003, Heavy Duty Cam Action Door Lock with Adjustable Handle to Adjust Lock Tighter

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Same as 258-001 except with adjustable handle to adjust lock tighter as seal wears.

For Flush to 3/4" offset doors. Uses standard 3/4" Pipe.
Handle has permanently affixed vinyl grip and is riveted, not bolted, to lug for maximum security. Features narrow 1-1/4" wide keepers for side or rear door application. Maximum extension from body 1-3/4". All mounting holes for 3/8" bolts.
Lugs and keepers are made from steel. The handle, hasp & pipe retainers are manufactured from steel.
Universal for right or left hand doors.
Note: Supplied less padlock.

Lugs & keepers are hot dip galvanized.
Hasp, pipe retainers & handle assembly are zinc plated.
Supplied without 3/4" pipe.
Weight (without pipe) - 10 lbs.


Universal Keeper

1 1/4" wide




Hasp, pipe retainers & handle assembly are zinc plated
Lugs & keepers are hot dip galvanized

Weight (Without Pipe)

10 lbs


Left Hand Doors
Right Hand Doors

 258 Component Parts 

Handle & Lugs Assembly

Hasp & Handle Keeper

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