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Item # 158-SS, 158-Stainless Steel Polar Cam Type Lock

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A popular Cam Type Lock with narrow keepers which allow minimum extension from body. Modern all steel fabricated handle and hasp allow the body builder to simply weld handle lug to pipe, eliminating cutting of pipe. This competitively priced Polar lock features keepers and lugs of ductile iron. All remaining parts fabricated of high quality steel. Supplied without padlock.
Can also be supplied in 304 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.
Supplied less 3/4" pipe (schedule 40).
Weight (without pipe)-6 1/4 lbs.



Stainless Steel

Pipe Diameter

3/4 in

Weight (Without Pipe)

6 1/4 lbs

 Component Parts for 158-SS Lock 

Component Parts
Component Parts for 158-SS Locks

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